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Northern Plumbing Townsville

Excavation Plumbing Townsville


Northern Plumbing have invested in professional excavation and hydro-excavation equipment to ensure timely work when it comes to trenching and sewer cleaning. If you need a blocked drain cleared, we can quickly tend to the problem. Having our own equipment means there is no additional cost or waiting time associated with hiring excavation equipment, making us more competitive when it comes to price.

Contact Northern Plumbing today for all your Townsville trenching and drainage needs. We provide excavations for residential and commercial properties.
Green warehouse — Excavation plumbing in Townsville, QLD

Expert Excavation Plumbing

Our hydro-excavator is ideal for smaller and more delicate jobs, as it causes minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape. Using a combination of vacuum and water force, the hydroexcavator makes light work of trenches, blocked drains, service locating and pot holing projects. It also provides high-pressure water blasting.
Northern Plumbing also have a 5.3 tonne excavator for larger and more complex jobs, such as stormwater drainage installation. It includes the following attachments:
  • 300mm bucket
  • 450mm bucket
  • 600mm bucket
  • 1200mm bucket
  • Ripper

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To arrange excavation, drainage or trenching in the Townsville area, contact Northern Plumbing. We are happy to provide project advice and recommendations.