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Northern Plumbing Townsville

Construction Plumbing Townsville


At Northern Plumbing, we provide construction services in conjunction with our Townsville plumbing work. Our skilled staff have experience across residential and commercial sectors, ensuring the fast and reliable construction of even the most complex plumbing solutions. We can help homeowners with bathroom or kitchen renovations, and we cater for larger projects in domestic or commercial properties.

If you are unsure where to start with a plumbing project, give us a call. The friendly team at Northern Plumbing are here to help.
Pipe lining — drainage, roofing and guttering plumbers in Townsville, QLD


Our team can assist with all aspects of commercial plumbing, drainage, roofing, guttering and gasfitting. If your require plumbing and fixture fitting for new commercial buildings, renovation or extensions of existing commercial properties, call Northern Plumbing today.
We can work with property managers, builders or other contractors to ensure the job is completed safely and on time. If you require the fitting of backflow prevention devices, we can provide this and the necessary testing certification.
Gas stove — residential construction plumbing Townsville, QLD

Residential Construction

Northern Plumbing can work with builders or homeowners to cover all aspects of residential construction plumbing. We pride ourselves on offering efficient and reliable service to the Townsville residential market and we are confident you will be impressed by our expertise, courtesy and workmanship.
To discuss your residential plumbing needs for new builds or renovation/extensions, please contact Northern Plumbing today.