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Community Involvement


As a local business, Northern Plumbing believe in supporting the Townsville community. We are actively involved in a number of community programs and events around the Townsville area. See the list of groups we sponsor below.
Track upgrade Townsville, QLD

Townsville BMX Track Upgrade

August 2015 - The team at Northern Plumbing recently undertook a significant excavation project for the Townsville BMX Club. The project involved the full demolition and rebuilt to their 15 year old track. The track we constructed for the members is now to International specifications which will allow the club to host National events!!
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Carter's Cause Charity Golf Day

Northern Plumbing (NQ) Pty Ltd recently was a gold sponsor for the "Carter's Cause" Charity Golf Day - Carters Cause was an event hosted by Townsville Property Centre for a Local Townsville Family in need of help and support. Carter Giddy is a 10 year old boy who has a rare disorder called Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). It is a genetic condition that affects the nerves which control muscle movement ,the motor neurons. SMA is classified into types 1 to 4 depending on severity. Carter was diagnosed with borderline stage 1-2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy at only 11 months old. Despite being wheelchair bound his whole life Carter has always been a very bright and happy little boy, with a cheeky personality and a huge imagination and positive outlook on life.

Over the past few years as Carter has grown, his condition has worsened, with his bones growing and his muscles deteriorating it has caused bad scoliosis and his bones are slowly crushing his organs without the muscle support. What would be a simple cold or flu to us, for Carter is life threatening due to his body not having the muscle strength to cough, it will 99% of the time turn into pneumonia, landing Carter in hospital for weeks at a time until he is well enough to come home again. This causes a huge financial strain on the family as they often have to take weeks at a time away from work to stay by Carters side.
Northern plumbing staff members on a golf cart
Carter is now in the final stages of his disease and is going to need ongoing medical treatment, equipment and support. SMA is a degenerative disease, so it will only continue to get worse. Carter is only 10 years old, with a life expectancy of 9-13years. Townsville Property Centre and Carters Family organized a Golf Day Charity Event in Honour of Carter to raise money to help with the medical costs involved with Carters disease and the equipment he is now going to need to assist him daily. Some of these expenses include: - New wheelchair for Carter - Wheelchair alterations for carters worsening scoliosis - C pap Breathing Machine - Cough assist machine - Special liquid food in which Carter is fed through a peg tube in his stomach - Specialist appointments - Flights for appointments that are not in Townsville - General bills while they are not able to work while carter is in hospital - Many more medical expenses.
The Golf Day Fundraising Event took place on Sunday October 18th 2015 at Willows Golf Course, Townsville.
The crew at Northern Plumbing would like to thank the organisers for asking us to be a part of the "Carter's Cause" Charity Golf Day that was held yesterday. It was a fantastic day and all money raised is going to a very worth while cause!!